Flo Phielix & Jeff Smink is a DJ/Producer duo since 2012, made up of two best friends Florian de Ligt & Jeffrey Smink. All they want is to enjoy and to enjoy the crowd. This is exactly what strongly emerges during a set of these two guys because it’s not just music for these two gentlemen. It´s a feeling, it’s a vibe and it’s joy.

They love house music, all kinds of house music, so they had to make a perfect combination of all the styles they love. You can expect different styles, but always with soul-pleasing vocals. One thing is for sure, the music Flo Phielix & Jeff Smink plays is always funky, groovy, refreshing and happy.

'Last year was amazing, we played a lot of great parties, like SundayPeople and Summerloverz Festival. The highlight for us was our gig in Club Eden (Ibiza), that was off the hook! In 2015 we've also started our own concept/house party 'Future City Sounds'.This year we will definitely pursue this line, there are some great things coming up. For example our first releases of this year on BRAAF Records and City Soul Recordings (UK)!'